The Whizzinator: A Review Of Its History And Things That You Should Know
Online resources indicated that the Whizzinator is a very well-known device that has been utilized to overcome tests associated to the urine. The Whizzinator reviews say the device has had its share of media appearances and has even been used by famous personalities and sports-minded individuals. In 2005, that was the year that the popularity of the Whizzinator was reviewed to be popular, when one well-known athlete was caught to be using one. The airport security reportedly caught him with a check of his luggage and saw containers containing urine that has been dry.

There is also another personality caught using the device, when he handed over the urine without using the heat packs. According to these online resources like 
Whizzinator Review , Puck Technology was responsible for creating the first ever and original Whizzinator. The device has been existing over the past several years though and resources showed that people today are still buying the device. A few years back in time, the device has gained competitors with the emergence of the Urinator and the Pissinator, as they were called. Some of the best features of the Whizzinator is having a life-sized male sexual organ, as well as anything else you need to overcome the tests such as fake urine and heat pads. Several other products have been said to have been a failing point when it comes to the urine temperature, as you could read from a Whizzinator Review . The temperature when undergoing this process should be around 98 to 100 degrees, otherwise laboratories will not be accepting them.

There have been demands and questions whether female versions of the Whizzinator can come out soon in the market. But the market has a counterpart called the SheWizz by a certain company. This version works in such a way that running a tube in between the legs is required for it to work, and is also worn around the area of the waist. This counterpart version has a kind that contains a bladder that can be insertable. Experts say that this version that can be inserted cannot be easily detected by authorities despite being naked, such as in airports and in other public establishments.

The Whizzinator reviews say that the product is regarded for its simplicity, that is why people can make them on their own. For males, making your own Whizzinator can require just a clean pair of underwear, a turkey baster wrapped with heat packs and a fake male sexual organ. These products are usually priced at around $100, reason why many people prefer making their own. These Whizzinators can work just like these homemade devices.

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